Journal of Quantum Science and Technology (JQST), a leading platform dedicated to exploring the frontiers of quantum science and technology. JQST serves as a pivotal hub for researchers, scientists, engineers, and enthusiasts alike, fostering collaboration and innovation in this rapidly evolving field.

Aims and Objectives:
Our primary aim is to advance the understanding and application of quantum principles for practical technological advancements.
JQST seeks to:
Publish high-quality, peer-reviewed research articles, reviews, and perspectives that contribute to the advancement of quantum science and technology.
Provide a platform for interdisciplinary collaboration, encouraging researchers from diverse backgrounds to exchange ideas and expertise.
Promote innovation and discovery in quantum-related fields by highlighting cutting-edge research and emerging trends.
Foster dialogue and knowledge dissemination among academics, industry professionals, policymakers, and the wider public interested in quantum science and technology.

Journal particulars:
Title: Journal of Quantum Science and Technology
Frequency: Quarterly (4 issues per year)
Publisher: Mind Synk Publications
Publisher Address: 63, F-19, Sector-8, Rohini, Delhi (110085)
Publication Place: Rohini, Delhi
Publisher Email:
Editor: Dr. Diwan Sher Singla
Copyright: Remain Journal
Starting Year: 2024
Main Subject: Physics
Scope: Quantum Sciences
Language: English
Publication Format: Online (Open Access)
Phone Number: +91-98120-56755

Vol. 1 No. 2 (2024): Apr - Jun 2024

Published: 02-07-2024

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